Welcome to Strategicdefaultbooks.com home of ebook author Gary Anderson. Because of the bad economy, three of my ebooks on Amazon are now 99 cents. This price will show up on the other ebook sites as well at some point. I urge you to buy my ebooks on the financial crisis because I believe they will show you root causes of the housing bubble as well as future plans for housing bubbles!

Many on mainstreet understand that the middle class has lost wealth, is low on cash, and is not the same as it was at the end of the 20th century. But in the 21st century, most Americans have no clue how the change happened and who is really to blame for the economic destruction. Many blame government. Many blame unions. Many blame baby boomers. Many blame grandma. But that is just part of the plan of those really responsible.

Speculation is killing our country. Speculation is the root cause of the ills of mainstreet and of the wealth of Wall Street. This speculative behavior must be reined in. I have a few ideas about how to do that and how the ponzi housing scheme was a very sophisticated type of speculation.

The first ebook, Ponzi Housing Scheme 21st Century,  has links for purchase here at most major outlets and Kindle. It is a must read. The other three will give you a greater foundation as to the economic and political forces at work, and how they are interacting. The fourth ebook, How to Fight NWO Economics is a must read as well as it solidifies points made in the first book.

If you are contemplating strategic default, the ebook, Personal Finance: Strategic Default, brings the moral implications regarding default front and center for discussion. And if you want to understand the Tea Party and the financial crisis, be sure to read Tea Party Meet Your One World Government.

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