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My name is Gary Anderson and I have authored four financial ebooks. Sandy Mertens has qualified my ebooks for publishing on many major online bookstores, as explained below.

Sandy Mertens has a background in photography, and graphic art. She is a computer whiz as well, and has been involved in Squidoo, Hubpages and as a netrepreneur at Zazzle and Cafepress. So Sandy has done more than most even think about doing online. For the purposes of this webpage, she is an expert in working with smashwords, the premier Indie (Independent) Author publisher.

If you want to get your ebook into major stores online, like Barnes and Noble, Sony, Diesel, etc, you need Sandy's expertize. If you have graphs or photography she can help you out and get your ebook published in a fraction of the time mainstream publishers could do this. If you have your composition she can take it from there. Or just send her the html of articles like I did and she will both compose and format your ebook.

Sandy has qualified all four of my ebooks for inclusion into the Smashwords premium catalog, which gives me access to Sony, Diesel, Barnes, Apple Ibooks and Apple App store, and soon to be added the Amazon placement. It is well worth it to use Sandy's services for you ebook success!

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Sandy put together these Ebooks for me and I am quite satisfied:

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