Dirty Republicans

Welcome to Dirty Dirty Republicans

¬†All politics is dirty as the ruling class tries to pull the wool over the eyes of the rest of us. But these Republicans featured in this ebook are particularly dirty. So dirty in fact that one’s sense of moral conscience is impacted forever by their vile wretchedness. Here is a sample from the ebook:

I am no fan of the Democrats, because they were equally guilty of the repeal of Glass-Steagall, with the vote in the senate being 90 to 8. But at least they want to slow down the casino by the Volcker Rule, and they want to help the old and the poor. They want to protect the middle class from more sicko loans, too. You have more in common with them than you do with the Republicans, Dr. Paul. You want to slow down the casino too right? Right?

It is interesting to me that the hedge funds would want to attack the middle class so soon after the crash of the housing bubble. This seems to me to be an act of desperation. I think there should be a law that forbids pension funds from pouring money into hedge funds as is going on now. I think the hedge funds should be slapped down by the American people. These pension funds don’t need more leverage and more risk.

It is interesting that the crybaby for the Fed, Steve Liesman of CNBC, was pining for the bottom 51 percent to pay taxes, because they don’t do so now. Well, maybe if the Fed quit QE and quit allowing a bunch of speculation that drives up the cost of living for these 51 percent people, they could afford to pay tax. The greedy financial community cannot have it all. But it wants it all.

I have to wonder if the hedge funds and the Fed and the crony banks are headed off the cliff and want a new massive transfer of wealth from everyone else to them? Perhaps these gamblers are not so insulated and walled off from the rest of us in order to survive after all? I read where there could be 11 million houses foreclosed on. I hope people do walk away from house bubble houses, based on the moral perspective of walking away from a massive Ponzi. This could slow down these people who want to blow another bubble.

It is my contention that the powers that be want to blow another bubble are being constrained by foreclosure-gate and by people walking away. Wells Fargo wants another bubble, and wants it guaranteed by the taxpayer. I can’t imagine that Ron Paul approves of all this. Why not speak out and leave the party that is most interested in this attack upon the rest of us?